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    Tim Colman

    Nice venue. Went well I thought. We won’t get cold in there for sure!


    Ann Nicholls

    I think the Cottage would be great for ‘special events’ like Uke-o-Vision for example but I think we should still try other venues before a decision is made. The Freemasons on Hall Road (opposite the Kings Arms) has a function room but I’m not sure about parking and access for people who can’t manage stairs. (Cottage was excellent in terms of access). Freemasons is much more central than Cottage though so I imagine would be easier to get to if someone had to rely on public transport. Also, what about the Coachmakers by the roundabout at St Stephens?

    It was good to see several new faces at the meet on 24th but I also noticed that several ‘regulars’ were missing. I think it would be useful if an email could be sent round asking people why they didn’t attend, as that way we could find out what (if any) barriers there may be to prevent people attending if it was decided to go for the Cottage as a new base.



    The Freemasons is a horrific pub, the amount of bigots I’ve encountered outside and even a few fights… Parking is also a nightmare there.


    Linda Perry

    A great venue. Plenty of space on the tables for our music, bright and comfortable. It was an easy journey for me from Aylsham, with good parking.



    Well I think it went really well, plenty of space, parking, good access & for once, easy-peasy for me to get too! I`d be quite happy to stay if possible.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 10 total)

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