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    Tim Colman

    Happy New Year to you as well ;0)

    As you know I love the atmosphere and sound we get at the York but I can see the reasons for thinking of a change of venue.

    I would just request that before we change that we checkout the sound of new venue before leaving the York as we know that e.g Gemma’s room at the Cellar House is not ideal as those playing at one end of the table cannot even hear the others at the other end and it’s not the best sound at all

    I would also ask if we have to pay to use future venues and also we need to take into consideration whether these are always available to us as I know the Trowse venue holds quite a few functions in their room, afraid I am not sure how much the Cottage use theirs?

    I know that quite a few people consider the York as NUS “home” and do park easily and do not want to move. I personally would have great difficulty attending anywhere different as I do not have a car.

    Kindest regards


    Tim Colman

    Anne on Email

    When you say they have parking, do they also have bike racks for people who cycle? Not everyone comes by car.
    Jurnett’s Bar (part of Wensum Lodge) would definitely tick all boxes.




    As I live outside Norwich the White House at Trowse is easily accessible and the parking a bit easier than the York. Carole is right about the atmosphere at the York; it’s cosy and intimate but the lighting and seating very poor. If they want our regular business, can’t we ask them to improve things?
    The room at the White Horse is rather austere. .. like a conference room… So it’s not great. I’ve never been to the Cottage . Adrian


    Rob Cogman

    The Cottage every time! parking is easy with a bloody great car park and the function room is big enough to accommodate all of us easily but shaped so that if we have reduced numbers for any reason it won’t make us feel as though we are rattling around! The bar is good and the menu is acceptable too!!



    I don’t know either pub so can’t comment on their suitability.

    I’ve not had a problem parking at the York. A minutes walk down the road is fine for me. But easier parking for everyone would be a bonus.

    I’d appreciate better lighting and a slightly larger room.
    As mentioned above though, not too keen on playing in a whitewashed conference room, but once we all get setup in there would it seem that bad?

    It’s not only the seating, but the tables that need to be better although more people are in the habit of bringing stands for their music now so maybe that is not as much of a problem.

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